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For years I worked as a psychologist in the Netherlands and gave people the loving push they needed to move forward. Now Ibiza is my home and playground. 


Remind psychology was born from my biggest passion; to be a reminder for you! To help you remember wo you really are and who you want to be. Together we peel off all the layers that don't serve you. I love to work with you in nature, we go on a walk and talk. While walking next to each other, there opens a space for change and movement. My approach is always honest, without filter but with a big heart.


10 years ago the seed for playful reminder was planted. I got very sick on a trip. The period of recovery was not easy.  In a moment of clarity I booked a one way ticket to Barcelona. Here I experienced the healing power of having FUN! 3 months I celebrated life daily! My deep trust for life was back! This feeling is so wonderful. From here you can manifest whatever you want for yourself. I want to help you to activate again this feeling in you! 

My love for life is what I want to share with you. Almost 4 years ago I became mama of my beautiful son; Joa! He is inviting me daily into his playful world. I enjoy the simple things in life and sharing it with the people I love. Travel and adventure is what I go after almost every year. The unknown and beautiful new people I keep meeting gives me so much joy! 

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