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Welcome and thank you for taking this time to be reminded and check in on YOU. Denise created Remind out of her passion to be a reminder; an experienced and open minded psychologist. Instead of working in a clinical setting, we walk in a beautiful natural setting.

Do you experience difficulties in your feelings, thoughts, your work or studies, family or relationship? Are you struggling with fears or doubts? Do you question your identity, sexuality or purpose? 

I give you honest and clear guidance to free you from all that is holding you back from living your full potential. 


My way of working is holistic and with a strong connection to positive psychology. Here the focus is not on a disorder but more on your potential. I walk next to you and guide you along your path without judgement with an open mind. I invite you to show yourself in a space where I care about you. Always honest and where needed confronting but with a big heart.

Working together with a psychologist starts with a feeling of being able to open up, to feel a “click”. That’s why I invite you for a free intake.

As a therapist Im experienced in guiding adults, children and also couples. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to book a first session. It's possible to work with me in Dutch, English or German.

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I walk next to you, more like a friend


Next to my psychology practice I host the playful reminder retreats! Why playfulness?  We need more FUN and PLAY! Your deep trust for life is the most beautiful feeling there is! I invite you to activate this feeling of trust and your zest for life! You will feel how simple it is to say fully YES to live and to let go of all that is no longer serving you. I always work honest, without filter but with a big heart. There are a few spots open for our  next retreat in September! Your so welcome!! 

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