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From Past Retreats

I attended Denise’s last retreat in May. What an amazing week. 

Denise is the perfect hostess: knows the island and Ibiza community really well. All the activities are wonderful, plus you can always take it at your own pace. Denise has an eye for detail knows what makes a good retreat. The food was ammmmaaaazzzing! 

Sign up now, you won’t regret it! Quite the opposite

Chris Paton

The playful reminder retreat definitely lives up to its name! 


In a world that’s fueled by a rat-race mentality it’s important for us, people, to receive a reminder to get playful, we shouldn’t worry to much about things that we can’t influence. The retreat helped me to reconnect with my inner (childlike) self. Nowadays i see the world as one big playground!! 


To say that this retreat was an eye opener would be an understatement. It changed my life for the better! I’ve bonded with my inner self so much during the retreat, which i never felt i was able to do, but thanks to Denise i’ve managed to do the impossible! (Lesson of this story is that a person is able to overcome anything & you can always reconnect with your inner self even tough you feel unable to do so. Some people just need a little push) 


Expect a lot of fun activities like kayaking and taking walks on the most magnificent roads Ibiza has to offer to even crazy dance party’s! The activities are overwhelming, i’ve seen so much beautiful places and connected with some really awesome people which i consider lucky enough to call my friends. 


P.S foodies don’t worry because the food is amazing! 

Victor ter Beek 

A PLayful Reminder

A week where a beautiful group of beautiful people came together, to meet each other on different levels. 
This week for me was a week where I didn’t have any expectations. A week where I would let everything go and be in the moment as much as possible.
It started of with a unexpected yoga class,  given by one of the guests. A super free and energised and loving lady from Italy who joined the week with her husband. She really was a positive addition to the group. 
Sun was shining and being outside in this beautiful area in Ibiza, made me feel like coming home in a split second.
Breakfast was served by this amazing girl named Merel. She really put so much loving attention in her food. All the dishes she prepared that week were just so tasteful, you could taste the love…this was the food that makes your heart sing
The week started in the morning with yoga teachings given by Maria. A soul that took you by the hand and take us with on a beautiful journey trough body and soul. Awareness, playfulness, happiness, and so much more that I have experienced during these classes. She just made my week. An amazing soul that knows what yoga is about. A voice from an other dimension, that sang beautiful songs guided by guitar play and sounds of nature around us.
Estatic Dance classes were also given during the week. Dancing like nobody is watching you. Being free, feeling free and let the body speak without me this is a perfect way to really get in contact with the body. 
The island Ibiza had this magical energy, that to me, no other island has. 
The connection of the group became intenser as the week past felt like we became a close  family. 
So looking back at this week, I feel
Blessed and filled up with lots of love and happiness 

Angelique Savelkoul

A week to remember

A week where I remembered myself.

A week where I truly met myself...

A week I will never forget

A week I will always take with me in my heart

I went to the playful reminder retreat without any expectation, just hoped to see more of my inner me

I was just me, myself and I

Denise manifested a lovely mixed up group with lovely individuals, all different people with other lives, backgrounds & other motivations to come to the playful reminder on the magical island, Ibiza!

During the week we worked together with the most professional people! These beautiful unique teachers (or can I better call them leaders?) worked with us, with lots of knowledge, love and care. The took us each of us by hand on the path of each individual! They learned me a few life lessons & it let me feel inside myself like I never did before. For me it was possible to touch my soul , my deepest me.. on different levels. The group felt closer every thankful & happy to grow together!  I have to take time to tell about the food of Merel! She prepared the most beautiful and tasteful food on the island for sure! She puts so much love in the food that you can taste it! In one word amazing!! Her energy together with Nicky in the kitchen was magical!

It's hard to describe the feeling what this week ment for me. But I know that I carry all the memories, life lessons & very strong new international connections with me...

After this week I feel unlighted, full of love & vulnerable at the same time. A playful reminder it was! Thanks to all of you, in my heart forever.

Big hug, Aimée

Aimée Hamers Hardy

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